Magic Rock Brewing Co. is the result of three peoples passion for beer. Brothers Richard and Jonny Burhouse* aided by head brewer Stuart Ross were inspired to start the brewery by their love of great beer and the burgeoning U.S craft beer scene in particular. Driven by a desire to bring exciting characterful beers to their local market and beyond, brewing commenced mid 2011. *Jonny sold the majority of his shareholding to Richard in late 2011.

Initial reaction to the beers exceeded expectations and a fantastic first 6 months culminated in the brewery being named ‘2nd best new brewery in the world 2012′ on the independent ratings site Rate Beer. To meet demand capacity was increased twice in the first year with additional 16bbl fermenting vessels added in October 2011 and again in January 2012.

Due to the strength of demand for keg products from both home and abroad two 6bbl conditioning tanks were also modified to meet demand. Two more 16bbl dual fermenting/conditioning tanks were added early 2013 to take total weekly production to around 64bbl a week.

Scott Calverley joined the brewery as assistant brewer in October 2011, Nigel Gledhill as drayman in April 2012, Joseph Ince and Patrick Boyle as assistant brewers in June 2013 and July 2014 respectively.

Magic Rock are committed to making a full range of modern, flavourful, hop forward & ‘big’ beers using the best available ingredients and techniques for drinkers unwilling to compromise on flavour. This uncompromising attitude runs through all their beers, where they seek flavour and complexity whilst striving for balance and drink-ability.

They make beer the same but different, conjured for flavour; beer which will inspire and delight but above all taste great.

Welcome to the Magic…